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Urn Sand

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Cigarette Receptacle & Ashtray Urn Sand for Purchase Online

For top-of-the-line urn sand, order from Sterling Creative Sand. Urn sand is a premium, extra fine, smooth, silica sand used to properly extinguish cigarettes. It is designed for sand top ashtrays, smoking urns and sand importers, and it can be sifted, cleaned and re-used.

Urn sand enhances fire safety by preventing fires in entryway garbage cans and ashtrays. A well-maintained ashtray system at the entrance of a building will also reduce littering. Purchase your urn sand from the sand experts at Sterling Creative Sand.

Order Your Ashtray & Smoking Urn Sand Online from Sterling Creative Sand

At Sterling Creative Sand, we have urn sand available in ivory white or black ash. If you would like an alternative to sand, you can order our coal slag product through our parent company, Sterling Sand.

Cigarette butt receptacle and urn sand is available in 5 lb. bags for $5.00 and 50 lb. buckets for $20.00.

At Sterling Creative Sand, we’re devoted to much more than just providing high-quality sand products — we seek to be known for our high levels of customer satisfaction and superior customer service. Contact us today to speak with a representative. We would be more than happy to give you additional information about our urn sand or any of our other creative sand products.

Sterling Creative Sands sells high-quality urn sand for cigarette receptacles, ashtrays and more. Located in Lexington, SC, we serve South Carolina, North Carolina, and beyond.