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Topper Sand

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Protect Your Plants & Topdress Your Lawn with Topper Sand from Sterling Creative Sand

Topper sand from Sterling Creative Sand is used to protect your lawn. Grass is a very versatile plant, but does eventually die like all other vegetation — usually due to a lack of nutrients in the soil. Topper sand is beneficial because it can help you avoid an unsightly lawn. Grass can’t be simply ripped up and replaced — it has to re-grow — and topper sand acts as a supporting agent by enriching the surrounding soil and providing nutrients.

Landscapers have learned from golf course maintenance workers that topper sand is an easy way to keep your lawn looking as beautiful as possible.

Keep in mind that topper sand is useful for much more than just lawns — it is also one of the best ways to rejuvenate and protect plants, terrariums and indoor gardens. Our topper sand protects and retains moisture and adds color, texture and variety to houseplants of all kinds.

If you want to prepare your lawn for winter, the best time to use topper sand from Sterling Creative Sand is in late August or early September. This gives your grass enough time to have the blades protrude above the lawn topdressing. They’ll have a fresh supply of nutrients to last through the winter, making your lawn topdressing the most effective.

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Sterling Creative Topper Sand is available in white, desert and green in 5 lb. bags for $4.00 and 50 lb. buckets for $12.00. Purchase online today!

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