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Pool Filter Sand From Sterling Creative Sand, Serving the Carolinas & Beyond

Sand filters are the most popular style of swimming pool filters for homeowners. Filter sand acts as a filter for the germs, bacteria and contaminants that end up in your swimming pool. The better the sand, the more contaminants it will pick up, and the fewer chemicals you will need to add to your pool.

The sand in these filters is different than sand you would find in the playground or at the beach. The sand particles used in swimming pool filters are finer so they can catch more contaminants. The sand helps keep the pool healthy. Just like any type of swimming pool filter, you will need to change the sand at the start of every season.

Our filter sand is produced from hard ore industrial quartz sands. It meets American Water Works Association specification AWWA b100 Section 2.2 and NSF-61 for filter sand. It is a 0.45-0.55 mm sand and can be used in pool filter systems that use a # 20 sand. It has an effective size of .45 and a uniformity coefficient of 1.36. Our filter sand is processed and sized with strict adherence to SPC.

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Sterling Creative Sand offers filter sand for pool filters in addition to other creative sand products. Located in Lexington, SC, we serve the Carolinas and beyond.